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Aquatrip is a convenient solution to provide peace of mind.  If you have ever experienced a water leak you know how easy the damage is done.  Luckily Tap 2 Drain is a preferred installer of the Aquatrip water shut off product.  Not only does it shut the water off when a leak is detected but you can set holiday modes and control the length of time your teenager spends in the shower.  A pretty cool remote means you don’t have to be right next to the product to control it!

Insurance bonus

Most insurance companies offer an incentive up to 10% for installing an Aquatrip. Saftey and savings, add in your Tap 2 Drain Club discount and rockin’ and rollin’.

“Designed for retrofit installation into existing buildings or integrated into new buildings at construction. A wireless radio control panel inside the building displays consumption and cost information and gives the user full control over their water supply using the multiple functions of the AquaTrip.” – Aquatrip website.

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  • Portable or wall mount radio control panel and information display
  • Patented leak detection sensor with automatic water shutoff
  • Day, time, temperature and radio signal strength displays
  • Multiple Flow Time Settings
  • Programmable from Control Panel
  • Night Watch Mode (12:00 AM – 5:00 AM custom flow setting)
  • Exclusion Period (sleep mode)
  • Home & Away Mode
  • Automatic Away Mode (Failsafe flow reduction after 24 hours)
  • Early Warning System
  • Connection to optional wireless sensors
  • No Wires to Connect
  • Low maintenance, with only an annual system check required
  • Powered by alkaline 9v and AA batteries with up to two years life
  • Battery power level indicators on valve and control panel
  • Wireless installation ideal for existing, remote or large properties

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