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Boiler service

Boilers are boring…….NOT!

Welcome to the exciting world of boiler service.   Please try to contain yourself things are going to get CrAZy up in here.  (You try writing this stuff).

Why you should have your Boiler serviced

You paid a lot of money for a swanky boiler  to supply RADIANT HEAT to your home.  If you ignore it, it will bite you.  When you don’t maintain your boiler, once yearly, you invalidate your manufacturer warranty.  Trust me that bite is harsh on your bank account.  Residential boiler systems are no longer the somewhat uncomplicated systems of the past.  The new (last 10 years or so) units are highly engineered to met efficiency guidelines and offer better heating capacity in smaller units.  Meaning there are more computerized parts, pumps, and actuators that make up the boiler not to mention the traditional parts like the burners and thermostats.   These parts are the ones that tend to fail, if not properly maintained, and are also the most expensive to replace.  Servicing your boiler once a year is by far the least expensive option.

Air is the enemy of your boiler system

Boiler heating systems are closed systems, called black water systems.  This means there is no air mixing in the water circulating through the heating pipes in your floor.  Air can get into the system and MUST be purged regularly.  If air is in the system the efficiency of your boiler drops considerably, as well as corrosion in your boiler as the main components (pumps, valves etc). are made of steel.   When we do a boiler service we ALWAYS check the air eliminating valves on your system and purge the air as well.  Air is the number one reason corrosion happens internally in boiler systems.  If proper maintenance is not done and corrosion is found to be the cause of a failure, the manufacturer will most likely deny a warranty claim.  That can be an expensive repair, a better idea – just to maintain your boiler properly and avoid costly repairs!

Complicated boiler systems

Part of servicing your boiler yearly is making sure you’re getting appropriate heat when it’s called for.  Thermostats trigger the boiler to fire, once the temperature inside the boiler has been reached pumps are triggered to push the water around the system to deliver the heat.  Depending on which thermostat is calling for heat, separate zone valves control where the heat is delivered.  See where I am going with this.  It’s not just a simple “I’m cold in the living room so I turn up the heat”, there is a controlled sequence of events that occur once you call for heat.  You boiler system determines how warm and where you would like the heat by what you ask for.  If what the boiler does is not what you asked for, takes too long to respond or doesn’t respond at all, we have a problem.

On your yearly service, our Nice Guy Tech will check the operation and condition of:

  • Thermostats
  • Zone valves
  • Expansion tank
  • Air elimination valve
  • Pressure relief valves
  • Pumps
  • Gas valve
  • Venting
  • Make-up air

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But wait that’s not all……… (You should see me when I write these things, all by myself giggling like a toddler who found a Sharpy)

Tap 2 Drain cleans the combustion chamber inside your boiler!!!!

When your boiler is operating at its BEST (because T2D does your service) you can rest easy knowing that your WARRANTY is valid, you get HEAT when and where you need it and you aren’t flooding your home with carbon monoxide or unburnt natural gas.  Sounds like a plan, hey 🙂

Boiler Training

I don’t want to brag, but our techs are TRAINED.  Not just on general boiler operation but by the manufacturers themselves.  Navien and Triangle Tube are just a couple of the companies we have sent our guys to for manufacturer warranty certified training.  Your Nice Guy Tech really knows how to maintain your unit without doing unnecessary repairs or touching things that shouldn’t be touched.  I know I would rather have a person who knows what they are doing work on my expensive system.

Call today to book your HIGHLY TRAINED, Nice Guy Tech from Tap 2 Drain TODAY.

Call T2D

You don’t pay more for us knowing what to do, you just get great value for your money.  And a ducky, which really is the best part LOL.






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