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Drain cleaning with style

Our Nice Guy Plumbers are experts in the art of drain cleaning.  When your drains start backing up or running slow it can be stressful.  Luckily we have all the best equipment to make sure your drains are clean without cleaning out your wallet!

Mystery clogs

All the way from your upstairs shower to your floor drains in the laundry room, clogs can move around your home.  What starts off a slow draining shower on the top floor can clog your mainline and cause your basement toilet to back up.  As clogs build up it can also move to your main sewer line and clog your entire home.  Best plan of action is to call T2D at the first signs of slow drains.

The right tools for the clog

You know Tap 2 Drain is serious about clog busting when you see our equipment.  Big snakes, little snakes and augers make short work of those nasty little creatures.  Just to make sure we also have a camera that can look directly into your pipes and see what lies beneath. Helpful hint: DO NOT use commercial drain cleaners.  Sodium Hydroxide is the main ingredient in hardware or grocery store products and that stuff is nasty. It can clear the drain but it also will eat the chrome right of your drain and does terrible damage to your pipes.  Not to mention the odor which alone is awful.  So what should you do?  Give us a call!  We will leave you smiling and clog free.  And just to make sure your drains are free and clear we can use our spiffy camera equipment to check.  Also a great tools for finding out what the heck is clogging your drains too. Make sure to ask your tech about our natural drain cleaner BioOne. Click HERE to find out more about BioOne our natural drain cleaner. Give us a call today for drain cleaning in the lower mainland and Fraser valley! To be totally grossed out check out our blog “Top 5 horrific things found during drain cleaning” HERE  

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