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Drain Cleaning

Your Nice Guy Tech will take care of your slow or clogged drains with the right equipment and years of experience. 

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All about drain clogs

Clogs or slow drain happen. But what you can’t see is why. Tap 2 Drain’s Nice Guy Techs are trained and have the right equipment to get your drains moving again.

When you maintain your drains you avoid the risk of not only small or large messy back ups and clogs but also the stink of sewer gases.  When there is a clog in your homes system it can prevent those stinky gases being properly vented out.  

If you smell sewer gases or have a slow drain better to take care of it now before it becomes a problem.  


All the way from your upstairs shower to your floor drains in the laundry room, clogs can move around your home.  What starts off a slow draining shower on the top floor can clog your mainline and cause your basement toilet to back up.  As clogs build up it can also move to your main sewer line and clog your entire home.  Best plan of action is to call Tap 2 Drain at the first signs of slow drains. 



Tips to avoid a drain clog

  • As much as possible avoid hair getting down the drains.
  • Don’t ever flush anything other than toilet paper when using the toilet.
  • If you’re on septic, have your system flush regularly.
  • Don’t put grease or coffee grounds down your sink.
  • If you have a garburator, don’t put banana peels, coffee grounds, eggshells or potato skins in.  Always run water!
  • Avoid commercial drain cleaners.  They are caustic and can cause real damage.  Use BioOne an EPA certified alternative available from Tap 2 Drain. 

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Happy Customers


We had issues with our shower drains (3 girls in the house) forever.  I kept using product to unclog it, but really, it wasn’t enough. So we decided to gives these guys a call, and they totally fixed our issue! No more hassle tying to unclog the drain with a hook (husband was happy about that one!). Thanks guys.  -Google review

- M. Demers

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