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Organic recycling options garburators


Managing kitchen waste can be a smelly prospect.  Many cities and municipalities now fine household for putting kitchen scraps in the garbage and let’s face it, its not doing our landfills any good. This begs the question then – “What do I do with this stuff and what is my best option, Garberator VS Goat? Well, you have come to the right place, I am going to break it down for ya’ll!


We asked a non-biased third party to test the three top organic recycling methods.  Below is an accurate account of her findings.  YOU BE THE JUDGE!


The show down begins!  First out of the corner is the goat, let’s call him Fred.  Fred is pretty cute!  Goats will eat anything and he is a pretty happy goat right now, munching away!  Still chewing…..I think Fred is digesting….not really sure but I think Fred is napping, he might be drooling.  I’m not sure if Fred is an underachiever or if this is normal goat behavior.  Well all in all that took about 15 mins to dispose of the kitchen scraps, I don’t think Fred is wining any eating contests.  I want to make sure you understand the smell.  I can’t find an app to install smell on this blog but let me tell you Fred is ripe.  I’m not sure he is washed regularly and having a goat in the house is inconvenient at best…he isn’t really potty trained.  He does make great fertilizer, right here in the living room.  Probably not the most comfortable option….moving on.

Compost Bin

Now here seems to be a more hygienic option.  A cute little bin that sits under my counter.  I just deposit the scraps into the bin, till its full then either I have to take it out to the compost bin in the yard or to my green bin the city picks up.  Ya nope there are rats in the compost bin and a bear just ate the green bin.  Plus I think I passed out from the smell of the scraps under the sink.  Moving swiftly along….



I have been 1, 2 punched this is it!  My nice guy tech just installed my spiffy new Insinkerator Pro 1100, 3 stage grinding,1.1 horse power major munching machine!  My house looks no different than before he came in, maybe a bit cleaner.  Lets test this bad boy out.  Cold water running, kitchen scraps into the chamber, flip the very convenient switch.  I can hear something but not much, huh pretty quiet.  I think its done, about 2 mins and, as shown by my nice guy plumber, I am keeping the cold water running for a few seconds to make sure the waste move along my pipes.  That was actually fast, pleasant and no smell, other than Fred in the living room.  Cool, I declare a winner!!!  My fancy new Garberator doesn’t smell and is fast and super convenient.

There you have it folks.  A real life account of why garberators are really the best option.  Thanks to Shelly for volunteering and congratulations on your new goat, I am sure Fred is very happy.

Where does the waste go?

The liquefied waste moves down through your homes’ drain pipes to the city sewer system and on to a waste water treatment facility for processing.  Fertilizer is created from biosolids and farmers re-apply on fields, creating more food!  Then the cycle begins again.  Nothing wasted and no waste added to our already over taxed land fills. Congratulations you are environmentally conscience and doing your part to make the world a better place.  Feels good don’t it.

What Garberator do you want?

Tap 2 Drain recommends INSINKERATOR garberators for a number of very GOOD reasons.

  • Warranties are the best!  8-12 years depending on the model, when installed by Tap 2 Drain
  • Support.  The best customer support.  Just call them up and they are friendly and pleasant.
  • Quality.  Many people HATE garberators because they clog pipes.  Insinkerator garbs don’t  because they use grind plates with lugs instead of blades, basically liquefying the food waste.

Depending on your budget and needs there is an INSINKERATOR Garberator to suit.  If you have any question please phone us, we want to help!

Model Basics

Insinkerator Garberator

Pro 880

Insinkerator Garberator

Pro 1100

Insinkerator Garberator

Cover Control

Insinkerator Garberator

Pro 1000







Pro 880 – 7/8 Hp, 8 year warranty and it on the pretty quiet side.  Has two grinding plates.

Pro 1000 – 1.0 HP, 10 year warranty and is also pretty quiet. Has three grind stages and has a lower profile for small under sink areas.

Pro 1100 – 1.1 HP, 12 year warranty and is ULTRA QUIET. Also has three stages of grinding.  This is our FAVORITE garb, NEVER clogs and can handle just about anything.  Check out Tap 2 Drain TV Episode 3 here.

Pro Cover Control – 7/8 HP, 9 year warranty and is ULTRA QUIET.  This one is 2 stage grind and if you don’t have a switch hard wired this is the one for you.  It uses the plug to activate it.  Handy Dandy.

Common Concerns

“Food waste disposer are not good for my plumbing.”  – FALSE – If you have an Insinkerator garberator, that is why Tap 2 Drain LOVES INSINKERATOR.  They are the only garburators we are fully confident in that won’t cause clogs 99% of the time.

“Garberators are bad for the environment and the sewer system.” –  FALSE – The composition of ground up food waste is much the same as human waste for which the sewer system was designed.  They are an environmentally friendly alternative to landfills and some communities, with capable wastewater treatment facilities,  turn the waste in to renewable energy or fertilizer.

” I can’t use a garberator because I have a septic system.” – FALSE – Septic systems are designed to safely treat and dispose of household waste from the kitchen and the bathroom.  If your system is sized to handle a dishwasher or clothes washer it can handle a garberator too.

“The compost works fine for us.” – FALSE AND TRUE- Great for compost in your gardens but what if you don’t have the space.  Also remember that when rinsing your plates there are always little bits that go down the drain (I won’t even mention finger garberating – when you use your finger to push those unidentifiable pieces down the drain. We know you do it).  Bottom line NO SMELL, NO fruit flies,NO rodents, No mess and less hassle.  Sign me up – OH WAIT I HAVE ONE ALREADY!! I have the pro 1100 so I can say with experience that I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT IT.

We know you want one

Call NOW, don’t hesitate just do it,  you will be sooooo happy.  Tap 2 Drain are here to help, answer any questions and get you taken care of with a smile on your face.  I hope this helps but please call us even if you think the question is silly, we don’t think it is.  If your ready now, we carry all the models of INSINKERATOR GARBERATORS IN STOCK and ready to go.

What do you like or dislike about your current garberator?  Let us know.

–   JEN





Jen Koehler
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