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We know that most people are TERRIFIED to call a plumber in Maple Ridge.

Always afraid of the cost and exactly who will be doing the work. Will you be over charged? Will they do the job right? Will they leave a big mess? Will they be super creepy? Will they REALLY know what they are doing? Will they take their time and cost me more?

They are all very valid concerns any home owner in the Lower Mainland would have in the Mike Holmes/ HGTV times we live in. You’re constantly being bombarded by negative scenarios of owners being screwed and then a white knight riding in and saving the day and making the bad guy pay. Unfortunately, there are bad people out there BUT you can protect yourself. Professional plumbers are highly trained individuals who have not only completed enough school time to be doctors but also have real world knowledge from experience and continuous training. How can you make sure you’re getting a plumber who knows what they are doing? Ask questions. You are not a professional and plumbing is not your field of excellence but the plumber you hired should be able to explain what is going on, how he plans to fix it and SHOW you. I would question the quality of service and work if a professional in any business offered their expertise and skills for free. How can a business stay in business offering “free” services and then how valid is a “lifetime warranty” when they go out of business a year later? Would you go to the cheapest plastic surgeon or would you go to the surgeon that does the best job? How can anyone provide a price over the phone without ever seeing the conditions? What kind of professional would quote a price without seeing what exactly is needed to complete the job properly? Are they dressed professionally? Do they value and protect your home? Are they respectful?

When a T2D tech comes to your home they will explain your option are and what the price will be BEFORE starting any work. We stock our truck with thousands of parts and are ready for 99% of repairs or replacements. We have the part and if we don’t, you don’t pay for our time to get it. We use drop cloths and booties to protect your home. Our techs are dressed in an easily identifiable uniform are drug tested and background checked, receive weekly training, are clean, respectful and are all certified journeyman. Why do we do all this? Because we are professionals! No, we don’t offer “Free” (which we all know aren’t really free anyway) estimates because our tech will give you the professional advice and a proper quote to complete the work in its entirety at a fair price. There will be no surprises…….EVER. If things change while we are performing the job we keep you in the loop and show you what’s going on, but because we are professionals this rarely happens.

Being in this business for as long as we have we have heard some doozies and have ridden in on our white horses (or yellow duckies) to save the day. Our goal is to give you an experience you don’t have to be rescued from, one that leaves a smile on your face and a job done right the first time!

Because it Halloween here are a few of our most SCARY plumbing stories:

A customer wanted to know if we could come right away. Another company had been there to repair her toilet but had just up and left. When we go there was a toilet auger (snaking tool) sticking out of her toilet. Apparently, the other tech said, “forget this” and left. We are guessing the poor tech had no experience or training and just couldn’t take the pressure. We did fix the toilet and she was very happy!

Don’t even get me started on things we have pulled out of drains, the worst so far: human teeth, not dentures ACTUAL human teeth.

We had a customer call us out for what they described as a small leak in their powder room. The house was on a crawl space so the tech went below to check things out. Well, this “small” leak was not small at all, the entire crawl space was filled with 2-3” of water. What they saw in the powder room was the tip of the iceberg. After pumping and drying the crawl space we were able to repair the leak.

We have had a lot of customers call after coming home from vacation to burst hot water tanks or washing machine hoses. But the worst of all was a family that had just returned from their very first family trip to the happiest place on earth, Disneyland. While away their hot water tank failed and 40 gallons of water had flooded their newly finished basement and then sat for a week. And because no one was home to turn the water off it just kept pouring in! What a mess! After the restoration company got a handle on things we replaced their tank and installed an Aquatrip alarm so that never happens to them again.

We have a commercial space we maintain a drain that was installed with NO GRADE. So that means whatever you put in the drain doesn’t really go anywhere because the pipe doesn’t have enough angle for gravity to pull it away. Man does it stink. We can repair the pipe because the offices are finished area and they don’t want rip up their very expensive floors they have chosen to maintain for now. So we snake the drain ever six month and supply them with Biosmart drain cleaner to help between. But before we came up with this they actually had to call an ambulance because a person passed out from the sewer gasses!

Another customer had us come out because she though perhaps a weird bulge in her wall might be plumbing related. The tech couldn’t believe what he found. Her poly B pipe had failed in her wall and the water had pooled inside the wall. So badly it bulged out about a foot! The only thing holding the water in was her PAINT! We did a whole house re-pipe and installed an Aquatrip, she is very much relieved and sent us a wonderful note of thanks!

I could go on and on and on but that’s too scary! Have a safe and Happy Halloween from all of us at T2D


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