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I just can’t do it.

I sat down to write this fantastic blog about how Tap 2 Drain is going to take care of you, how we really care and what we do differently.  But it all just sounds so CHEESY.  Like I am standing on my soap box and shouting about how wonderful my hair looks and how I know you all love it, while people walk by and try not to make eye contact.  I love our team and I love what we do to help people.  Nothing makes us happier than a happy client. But how do I let other people know without it sounding like a love fest with myself?  I can’t.

I can show you

I can show you what our trucks look like, all shiny and ducky.  I can show you how spiffy our techs are turned out and how they greet you at your door with a warm and friendly hello.  I can show you what a service call looks like from start to finish.  Then you will SEE what makes us different.    You will see why you should call Tap 2 Drain and we WILL take care of you.

Check it out

So I am going to stop here.  Stop soapboxing, stop trying to tell you and just show you what we do.  On Friday, Tap 2 Drain TV will show you, from phone call to the tech driving away, what a service call looks like with Tap 2 Drain.  We love what we do and I think it really shines through when you see before you believe.

Check out our Facebook page or our Youtube channel on Friday afternoon and see for yourself.  The proof is in the pudding and I really like pudding.



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Jen Koehler

Business Operations Manager at Tap 2 Drain Plumbing
Along with Steve, Jen created Tap 2 Drain Plumbing to give clients exceptional service in their homes and businesses.   Always ready to make you smile, Jen believes in building the business with integrity and is one of the driving force behind the scenes at Tap 2 Drain.  "We treat clients the way we want to be treated, as family."
Jen Koehler
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