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Plumbing Issue?

For all your plumbing needs in Langley call Tap 2 Drain.

Need a repair, maintenance or an installation, Tap 2 Drain is your Nice Guy Plumber in Langley

Stop searching Google for “plumber near me” because Tap 2 Drain is your Langley Plumber.  Call the Nice Guy Plumbers, no matter what we are here to help and make you smile.  Check out our services Here.   Finally you have found your plumber, someone to call when you need a repair, replacement or maintenance.  A plumber you can call your own, that never overcharges, takes care of you like family and always treats your home as their own.

Why Tap 2 Drain is the Best Langley Plumber for the job

Tap 2 Drain really cares!  We understand any type of plumbing issue can be stressful and our job is to take care of you.  No one likes dealing with contractors or service companies, you never know who to trust.  For 10 years Tap 2 Drain’s Nice guy techs have built our foundation on being open and honest with everyone of our family of clients.  That’s right we treat you like family because we want to be your Langley Plumber for life!

It’s the little thing that count

Not only are all our technicians journeyman plumbers but they are also continuously trained.  It is important that the Nice Guy we send to you knows his stuff.  We don’t want to waste your time or ours so your tech will always give you a NICE GUY PRICE up front.  You can also bank on the best warranty coverage in the business.  You never have to worry about what could go wrong between expert installations done right the first time and excellent warranty you are well taken care of.



We are local to Langley and love exploring the beautiful lakes and parks.  In fact Pete was hatched on Mill lake!  We found him wandering around Willowbrook Shopping Centre looking for plumbing to repair.



Whether you need a new hot water tank or want a hot water on demand unit to fill up your jacuzzi tub. Maybe you want a spiffy new garburator or you just can’t stand your ugly old kitchen faucet anymore, a bathroom renovation is in your future or your drains are clogged. Is your toilet running or clogged by toddler’s toys? How handy would a new hose bib near the garage be,  or uh oh you forgot to remove your hose before the first freeze causing a leak.    Perhaps you want a BBQ box to grill up some mighty fine steaks or your  shiny new gas appliances connected.   Did you just hear a weird noise from your boiler or furnace?  Call us when you are in a panic because you’ve spotted a little water stain on a ceiling or have had a major flood.   Are you not sure if Tap 2 Drain does what you need or want?   Call us, even if we can’t help you we know someone who can! No matter what, no matter how we are here to help. We’re your Langley Plumber.

Plumbing Services

Problems we love to tackle

  • Sewer main breaks
  • Drain leaks
  • Water line and main breaks
  • Pipe leaks
  • Frozen pipes
  • Fixture leaks
  • Fixture operation
  • Cosmetic replacements
  • Flooding and backups
  • No hot water
  • Plumbing fixture installs for remodels
  • Inspections for insurance companies or resale
  • Low water pressure
  • Water hammer
  • Clogs

We are only as good as the people we surround ourselves with

It is with that in mind that we are very proud to introduce you to some of the members of our happy family

Pete – Duck in residence.

Pete was born on a lovely little pond in Langley.  Pete has always known he was different from the other ducks because of his love of plumbing and helping people out.  We welcomed him into the Tap 2 Drain family with open arms and he has been shaking his tail feathers ever since.  He does have a bad habit of hiding all around the Lower Mainland and Langley so if you see him take his picture and tag us #haveyouseenpete.

Steve – Our fearless leader and Owner and Plumber in Langley!

The original nice guy.  Steve started his plumbing career right out of high school and along the way he has learned many valuable lessons.  In 2007 he knew he could provide amazing customer service to his clients but wasn’t given a chance by the company he worked for.  So holding his breath and taking a leap Tap 2 Drain was born.  Many surprising things have happened along that journey but the number one rule is and has always been, doing the right thing every time.  Today Steve has assembled a pretty awesome team of like minded people and together we fight to give clients the best of the best of the best, sir!  If he’s not at the office you can find Steve on the golf course or hanging with his kids and Jen or he just may show up to your door when you request a plumber in Langley.

Jen – Operations manager and Owner And Master of Plumbers in Langley

Jen wears many hats, but they all look fabulous on her.  You can normally find her hiding in the back directing the team of plumbers in Langley towards our goals.

Gillian – Customer Service and office Manager.

No one can live without Gillian, especially her sister Jen.  Yes they work together and no there is no blood shed.  Gillian’s main goal in life is to make you smile and she sure brings that sunny attitude to the office everyday.  An expert problem solver and organizer (that’s why we put her in charge) if there is a problem she will find the solution.

Christy – Customer service rep

Our newest office addition, Christy has fast been assimilated into the Tap 2 Drain family.  Christy makes everyone she speaks to smile and is an amazing photographer too, providing all the pictures for Tap 2 Drain. We are very lucky to have her as part of the team…..forever….cause she’s been assimilated.

Jeff – Nice Guy Tech and Plumber in Langley

A truly nice guy, Jeff loves helping clients even with the weirdest of problems.  A journeyman plumber, Jeff knows his stuff and is always willing to go the extra mile.  If he is your tech you are in good hands.

Aaron – Nice Guy Tech and Langley Plumber

Aaron has that something special Tap 2 Drain looks for in a journeyman plumber.  He takes the nice guy motto to heart and always gets great feedback from his clients.  Aaron always goes above and beyond proving he really is a nice guy.

Barry – Nice Guy Tech and Plumber in Langley

Family is a big part of Barry’s life and now he is a part of our family!  Not to mention he is extremely knowledgeable journeyman plumber and can handle anything clients ask him to do.  He really is a super nice guy.

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