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Natural drain cleaner


Tap 2 Drain is very proud to supply home owners and businesses with BioOne natural drain cleaner.   Commercial drain cleaners are nasty and toxic.  One service call our Nice Guy Tech attended the family had to be removed from their home.  After having put 4 bottles of drain cleaner down the kitchen sink, the fumes where so over powering their eyes where watering.  They had small children and they were crying!  Tap 2 Drain immediately went into action and removed the horrid soup and deposed in an environmentally safe way.   They only use bio one now!


The chemical based drain cleaners you can buy in the grocery stores will actually melt plastic and chrome.  There is a reason they have the hazard warning on them.  BioOne is safe to handle and will not damage any of your drains.  Also if you have small children or pets and they come into contact with BioOne it will not cause any harm.  I don’t know about you but I don’t want any solutions that can MELT ME!

Check out the video below and then give us a call to get your BioOne Drain cleaning solution TODAY!

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