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Poly B month has been exciting!

Are you over loaded yet?  I know we have presented all kinds of great information for homeowners with POLY B but did you know a lot of that information applies to ALL homeowners.  Leaks are stressful no matter where they come from.  Make sure to read part 1, 2 and 3 for really helpful information on what to do before during and after water damage occurs.


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Poly B replacement

Homes all over the lower mainland and Fraser Valley have POLY B.  Tap 2 Drain has developed an exclusive system to replace the POLY B in your home from start to finish.  We keep the drywall cuts to a minimal and also work closely with a drywaller and painter to repair all the damage and match the paint.  You won’t have any repair or clean up we take care of it all.  Don’t stress your Nice Guy Techs are here to help and guide you easily through the process.

How much?

It is our goal to provide you with the most accurate price.  We will not quote over the phone because every situation is different.  If we told you to low over the phone and the tech quoted much higher it looks bad.  If we quote to high we might scare you.  It is always BEST PRACTICE  to have a technician assess your individual needs.  WE NEVER PRESSURE YOU.  It is your home and up to you to make the decisions, but wouldn’t it be nice to make an informed decision.  Knowing all your options and the cost BEFORE you go ahead.  SMART RIGHT!

What next?Call T2D

Book an appointment.  Before you have a leak.  You will at least know what you’re looking at.  If you would like contact information for previous clients we have done re-pipes for we would be more than happy to supply you with those as well.  We have nothing to hide, we want you to be comfortable and understand all your options.   Our goal is to take care of you and make you smile!  We haven’t been in business for 10 years by making people frown.

The best part….

If you have made it this far you deserve a reward.  When you need your Poly B replaced and you have Tap 2 Drain take care of it for you, we will include a year of Tap 2 Drain club membership for 1/2 PRICE!  Seriously – INSTANT 15% savings on your re-pipe AND all the other awesome benefits.  Make sure you mention the POLY B blogs to get this super awesome deal.The Tap 2 Drain Club


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