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 Tips and trick to prevent major water damage in your home.

Have you ever had a water LEAK in your home?  We can always tell the people who have had a major water leak or sewage backup in their home because they NEVER want that to happen to them AGAIN, ever!  It can be traumatizing! Let’s go over some of the biggest causes of water damage and how YOU can help prevent them.

Hot Water Tanks

Just like any piece of mechanical equipment,  your hot water tank needs to be maintained.  When proper maintenance is performed, yearly,  you greatly reduce the chance of a catastrophic failure.  No one I have ever met has said to themselves ” I love it when my hot water tank spews 40 gallons of hot water all over my home!”  Water is lazy and will find the easiest way to go anywhere and everywhere. Even a minor leak can cause significant damage.  Using an Aquatrip or Flood buzz can alert you when a problem does occur. Check out our leak page here.

Have you ever seen what collects in the bottom of the tank?  Sludge, super gross brown pasty goo that builds up over time. It moves around your tank and is sent through your pipes and on to YOU when you shower.  EWWW GROSS.   Flushing the tank when doing your yearly maintenance will not only take care of the goo but also prolong the life of your tank.  If you ever do need warranty service you will have no problems because you have properly maintained the tank!

Washing Machine Hoses

Did you get an owner manual with your machine?  Did you read it?  I’m putting all my money on NO!  I am also guessing your home didn’t come with a “How to ” guide either.  If it did, one of the top things it would recommend in the “replace regularly to prevent damage” section would be washing machine hoses.

These very import piece of your home’s plumbing system are used a lot and never really thought about.  But you should be thinking about them, cause man o’ man do they let loose.  WATER EVERYWHERE!  If your laundry is on an upper floor could you imagine the disaster you would encounter when you returned from 9 hours at work!  Gives me the willies.

Sump pump

This is another one of those operations thingies (technical term) that live in the basement but never gets touched unless it miss behaves.  Your sump pump pumps sewage out of your home and into the city sewer or your septic tank.  If it fails your plumbing system fills up to the brim with poop and nasty stuff till it comes out the lowest point.  Normally a toilet, tub drain or floor drain.  If you are not home and it backs up you come home to a major

If you are not home and it backs up you come home to a major poocastophy.   Now not only does it smell but it’s a BIOHAZARD too.  It requires an entirely new set of rules for clean-up or remediation.   Most of the time items that have been contaminated have to be replaced.

Wth just a simple check yearly on your 323 inspection, when you’re a Tap 2 Drain Club member, we can prevent a poocastophy.  I told you – our techs are SUPER!


When you do have a problem you have insurance right?!?  Sometimes and it will only pay for somethings.  This is stuff no one ever tells you!  In the event that damage has been done to your home from water or a sewage backup, your first responsibility is to stop the cause if possible, to prevent further damage.

Shut off the water at the water main.  If you don’t know where this is – stop reading right now and call us.  Ask to be signed up to our Tap 2 Drain club, NOW!  Second is to call your insurance provider with your policy number.

IMPORTANT TIP – You can request your preferred restoration company and if that company works with your insurance provider, they will approve it.  The restoration company will attend in an emergency.  This is super important to start the clean up and prevent further damage.

NOW here is the KICKER- The insurance company will cover the cost to repair the damages BUT NOT the cost to repair the original CAUSE of the damage.  So if your sump pump fails and your home fills with sewage – the drywall, flooring etc will be replaced but the sump pump repair or replacement must be paid for by the homeowner, YOU!

Another important fact to remember, you can use whoever you want to repair the initial cause, you DO NOT have to use the restoration companies plumber.  If you are a T2D Club or just want to use Tap 2 Drain for your repairs, give us a call once you have called in your insurance and we will help you out promptly!

T2D Club

Is your head spinning?  Are you thinking ” I don’t want to deal with any of this!”  I am with ya!  That is the number one reason we introduced our Tap 2 Drain Club, a home maintenance program that offers members an exclusive discount and a yearly inspection of your visible plumbing systems.  We take notes on the age of your equipment and any problems that need to or will need to be addressed.  PLUS priority service and a nice credit at the end of 30 months of continuous membership!  A super sweet deal for pennies a day.

Give us a call today and get peace of mind and a great deal all in one.



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