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We always want to give our family of clients our best.  Our team members are encouraged to take time off and recharge and that includes Steve and I.  They say the speed of the gang is the speed of the leaders and if we are not performing at our best our team suffers.  We have been working so hard to bring the best to Tap 2 Drain and take care of YOU the best we can, we needed a break!

Team Players

As many of you know, being business owners means never REALLY taking time off, lucky for us we have an exception team that we are more than confident in leaving in charge.  Gillian, Christy in the office and Aaron, Barry, Jeff in the field.  We trust them to provide our family of clients the best services possible and they don’t disappoint!

Show the LOVE      plumber love

So what can you do to give yourself some love when you don’t have a team, when you’re the mom, you have a plumbing issue or when you are just feeling flustered or over your head?  Here are T2D’s Top 3

  1. BREATHE – I know it sounds silly but research shows it really works.  Stop what you are doing the second you feel the heat rising, close your eyes and breathe deep at least five times.  According to an article from Harvard Medical (see it here) –  “Deep abdominal breathing encourages full oxygen exchange — that is, the beneficial trade of incoming oxygen for outgoing carbon dioxide. Not surprisingly, it can slow the heartbeat and lower or stabilize blood pressure.”  I use this technique when I am feeling overwhelmed and it doesn’t take long but does make the task ahead a little easier to handle.
  2. MAKE A TOP 3 LIST – I am a mom, an entrepreneur, a wife, a daughter and daughter-in-law, a sister, an aunt, I could go on.  That is the point though we are a lot of different things to different people and each responsibility comes with different stresses and always a million things to get done.  By making a simple top 3 list from all the millions of lists you have hanging around will give you focus and allow you to actually get something done.  Once these top 3 things are done you will feel accomplished which will help get even more done.  I know your saying in your head (or even out loud) “Three things? More like 3 million, how will I ever pick the most important?”.  Stop right now, the list is supposed to help not add to the stress.  Start with the three things on your mind and go from there.  You don’t even have to write it down.  In the morning, when I get the boys up I give them three most important things to do FIRST.  Get dressed, brush your teeth and have breakfast.  Once these are accomplished we move on to making lunch,  feeding the dog and getting out the door.  I have found this work in the office too.  First thing is to check the schedule, check emails and finally map my day – my next top 3!
  3. FULLY ENGAGE – I think this is the most important.  When I am writing this blog that is all I am doing.  When I am having a light saber fight with the boys that is it, no answering emails.  I can multitask but it never works out as well as if I was concentrating all my effort on that one thing.  Plus I OWE IT to myself, the boys, the husband, the friend, the person, the project or whatever, to be fully engaged.  Whatever I am doing is WORTH my full attention.  It also helps to block out everything else demanding my time and I get WAY MORE accomplished.

In a perfect world these three steps operate harmoniously and never fall apart (I am laughing so hard right now), in reality, the phone rings, the milk spills, and the car breaks down.  The trick is to let it go!  Life is not Instagram, you are perfectly imperfect and everyone is in the same boat.  If a plumbing problem is lingering on one of your lists, give us a call now we are ready to help accomplish one of your TOP 3!


If you saw Tap 2 Drain TV’s Facebook Live on Friday, Steve and I took the boys to Cayo Coco Cuba for a week.  We had such a great time!  No cell phones, no work, just the four of us! We did two excursions, one to the town of Morón to see the way real Cubans live and the beautiful buildings, the other snorkeling on a great big catamaran and we saw a real SHIPWRECK!!  plumber holiday

plumber kids

Even now as I write this, sitting in the Tap 2 Drain head office in Mission BC and the sun isn’t shining and I have a PILE of work on my desk, I close my eyes and I can smell the ocean, feel the sand under my toes and hear the boys giggling (over Steve’s snoring lol).  It helps to escape to my happy place even if its only in my head.    Steve and I talked about it just this morning, even though we miss being there we feel better about being here.  WestJet Plumber

If your looking for a beautiful spot to visit Cayo Coco Cuba is AMAZING!  We booked through Westjet Vacations and Stayed at the SOL Cayo Coco.  I can HIGHLY recommend both WestJet and Sol Cayo Coco.  The people and the beaches MAKE IT!Plumbing in the sun




plumber wife





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