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tap to drain plumbing

How important is your plumbing?

Most of us have not had to deal with doing our business outside.  We have always had plumbing in our homes to remove waste and keep us healthy.  That’s right, we all take our plumbing for granted.  Do you really know how important your plumbing system is or why you need to have properly trained people taking care of it?

When cheaper isn’t better.

If you had a heart attack who would you choose to repair it? A doctor who operates out of his basement has no insurance and no experience OR a well-known doctor with years of experience who is really good at their specialty.  I know I would choose the well-known doctor with loads of experience, would you?

It’s no different with your home’s plumbing.  It will only cost you more, in the long run, to have an unqualified plumber do any work in your home.

  • Charging time and materials – How do you know how long a job is supposed to take, plumbing is not your area of expertise.  That’s why you call a professional in the first place.
  • Warranties – Warranties are kind of useless if the company can’t or won’t back them up.  If your warranty is for 6 years and the company is out of business in 3, well you can see the problem.
  • Quality – You are not a plumbing professional and you rely on the plumber you have hired to do the job right using parts that will last and installing them correctly.

Tap 2 Drain Cleaning Plumbing Plumber Mission Abbotsford Langley Surrey Steve Friendly Smile Poly BHow do you know?

If the deal is too good to be true it probably is.  Tried and true advise.  Is your plumber CLEAN, RESPECTFUL and can they explain and show you everything that needs to be done.  It is our Nice Guy techs JOB to show you and explain what is happening and how the job will proceed.  So you understand. Never talking down but SHOWING.  It is your home, we respect that, we want you to question us.  If you don’t understand IT IS OUR JOB to explain.  Not just TELL you what the job is –  it take it or leave it.

  • Nice Guy Price – We give you a price BEFORE we start work and including EVERYTHING.  Removal, installation, repair, parts, labour, cleanup and disposal.  The only thing you will notice is that your new faucet is installed or your leak is fixed the are we worked in is clean!
  • We DO NOT itemize – How are you supposed to know what parts are or how much time it takes?    An unscrupulous plumber could put anything down.  That’s not right.  We note, in detail, in our description of work what we did so we can give you our best warranties!
  • The deception of time and materials –  A bad or inexperienced plumber might charge you 2 hours to repair a leak because they take their time or just don’t know what to do.  An experienced plumber who is really good at their work might only take 1/2 hour.  2 hours at $195 per hour for bad work or 1/2 at $195 per hour for good work.  All the good plumbers would go out of business.  EXPERIENCE HAS VALUE.
  • Not the most expensive – but not the cheapest either.  To be frank, Tap 2 Drain needs to make money to stay in business but we want to give homeowners the best value for their money.  It has been working for 10 years with many happy customers. Like we tell people all the time “WE DON’T WANT TO TAKE ALL YOUR MONEY AT ONCE, WE WANT TO TAKE IT FOR YEARS AND YEARS”  We want to be your PLUMBER!

When it’s time to call.Call T2D

Providing a quote over the phone is something Tap 2 Drain will NEVER do.  The reasons for this are:

  • Our customer service representatives are not plumbers
  • Every job is so different, without seeing what your unique needs are we don’t know what to charge.
  • If we quote to high you might not go with us when really it wasn’t that bad. Or if we quote too low and it turns out to be higher once the tech looks at it – it makes for an uncomfortable situation all around.

T2D Plumber

Yes, we do charge a call out fee.  We send a journeyman technician who is background checked and highly skilled to your home.  For that call out fee, he spends time assessing your unique situation and then presenting your options with the price.


I could go on and on about “FREE” estimates but I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “Nothing in life is free!”  Tap 2 Drain ALWAYS lets you know UP FRONT about our fees without trying to hide anything and springing it on your later.  There are no surprises with us!


You will always be able to find us if something goes wrong.  It doesn’t happen very often but if it does we are here to help not make it worse.  We will be there, NO MATTER WHAT and we will make it right, NO MATTER WHAT.  Like I said before, it’s been working for 10 years, we aren’t about to stop.




Jen Koehler
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