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Water Heaters


Water heaters – Mission, Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Langley and Maple Ridge                                                                                                              hot water

What a luxury to turn on a faucet and have clean hot water from your water heater, whenever we want.  But when you don’t have hot water it can be a big inconvenience as well as a shock!  Let’s set the scene.  You wake up extra early after having a terrible sleep, slog your way into the shower and turn on the water.  Sweet Mother of Mayhem, you are now awake!  Cold water where there was supposed to be hot, comforting water to slowly ease you into your day.  It happens and when it does call Tap 2 Drain and we will be there pronto to replace or repair whatever system you have.

Hot Water Tanks – Gas or Electric

When you need a repair or replacement of your hot water tank, either gas or electric, Tap 2 Drain has got the skills to make you smile.  Click HERE to find out about Repairing or Replacing your Hot Water Tank and before you know it your Nice Guy Tech will have you up and running!

Boilers – Yummy Radiant heat

A boiler system in your home provides radiant heat for heating your home and can provide hot water via a storage tank.  T2D’s amazing Nice Guy Plumbers have up to date training on maintaining or repairing your unique system.  If you are in need of a new system, we can install a system to fit every need on budget!  We boil it down for you…….Click HERE to find out more.

On-Demand or Tank-less Water Heaters

Tap 2 Drain’s super awesome techs have extensive training on all types of on-demand/ tank-less water heaters.  Repair, replace or maintain each manufacturer has specific requirements, warranties and all have different parts.  But NO WORRIES, Tap 2 Drain is here to keep your hot water heater pumpin’ out the glorious heat!  We are certified by NAVIEN to provide exceptional service for an exceptional product. Click HERE to find get the low down.

Re-Circulation Lines

Ever had a COLD WATER SANDWICH?  I bet you have, you just never thought about it.  A cold water sandwich refers to the time it takes to deliver hot water from your water heater to the faucet you have turned on.  All the water sitting in the pipes needs to come out before the heated water gets to you.  Not only is this bad for water conservation but also bad for your pocket book.  With more and more municipalities and cities install water meters on residential homes this water waste can add up.  No worries T2D has a solution! Click HERE to read on.

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