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What to look for when choosing a new toilet.

How much thought have you given your toilet today? Not much I suspect. But there is a lot of choice and options out there when it comes to your throne. Super spiffy biffies are available for those in the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley who would like a more automated experience or commodes made to be more comfortable for those who like to spend quality time in the loo. Some design features to think about are height, flush, bowl shape, seat, construction, colour and style. Loads of choices, I know, so what do you NEED and what is just plain cool.

Height | Standard or Comfort Height

If your toilet measures between 17 and 19 inches from the floor to the seat you have a comfort height toilet. This is the same height as a regular kitchen chair so it makes sitting more “comfortable”. Anything below 17 inches is a standard height. Comfort height wins because I want to be comfortable in what could be an uncomfortable situation

Flush | Gravity or Pressure Assisted.

As a family with small boys who LOVE using gobs of toilet paper I cannot live without my pressure assisted toilet because no matter how full the bowl it always goes down. There are pros and cons to both systems and this really is a personal choice. Gravity fed toilets have been around for a long time, are relatively cost effective, low to medium noise producing and have proven they work, also part replacement is relatively inexpensive should you encounter a running toilet or one that won’t flush. However the only force directing the waste away is gravity so any heavy waste or excessive use can cause a failure. Pressure assisted toilets have no problem at all. They can be on the expensive side and are on the medium to loud noise range. These toilets also have no standing water in the tanks, it means less growth environment for mold and mildew. I say pressure assisted wins this because well they are super cool and scare your house guests.

Bowl Shape | Elongated or Round.

This is a biggy for comfort. Round fronts are traditional and work perfectly fine. But, and this is a BIG but, for adults elongated is far more comfortable providing more surface area for support. Let’s just say this you can sit for longer without your legs going numb….don’t laugh we’ve all been there. Elongated is really the only way to go.

Construction | 1 Piece or 2 Piece or Wall Hung

I’m really torn here, I love the look of a one piece; sleek design, compact and easier to clean however they tend to be more expensive and if, for some strange reason, the rim or tank crack you’re in for an entire new toilet. Some 2 piece toilets are really inexpensive some are super expensive so style and budget should be your real drivers. Wall hung toilets are a dream. Super easy to clean, no tank because it has a mechanical flush valve but they are super expensive to purchase and install. But oh they are a beautiful thing! Unless space or money are no objections, 2 piece toilets provide style and great price point.

Seat | Regular or Slow Close

Slow close are like those drawers from Ikea. You know the ones that even if you slam them they close softly. No contest here SLOW CLOSE wins!

Colour and Style

There are many manufactures of plumbing product and they offer many different styles and a rainbow of colours. I suggest you narrow down these two most important options before you go toilet hunting.

If money was no option I would have a wall hung toilet with a self-cleaning bidet seat…..OH YA. Here in the real world a comfort height elongated 2 piece with a slow close seat is where I would start my search. There are many other considerations but these are best addressed with your technician as he can guide you through the technical components for your specific needs. We love helping you get the right toilet for you so give us a call. Happy hunting.


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