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Why does Tap 2 Drain charge a service fee?

Why we charge a “service or call out” fee.

We do things a bit differently at Tap 2 Drain because we want to provide our fantastic clients with the best service possible. Traditionally when you call a plumber you are charged based on time on job and materials used, they quote over the phone, anywhere from $160 – $250 for the first hour and then a lower rate for every hour after that. But how do you know how many hours it should take.  Also what happens if your technician isn’t very well trained or just new.  Of course that will take longer.  Not to mention, what if there is a need to go get parts to complete the job, do you pay for that time too?


Why time and materiel doesn’t work.

The problem with this type of pricing is it does serve the client or the company.  What do I mean?  Our Nice Guy Techs are highly trained and have years of experience.  What would take another plumber 2 hours might only take a Tap 2 Drain tech 20 mins.  We carry 99% of the parts needed to complete jobs in our truck so there is no “getting parts” time to add to a bill.  If Tap 2 Drain priced by the hour we would quickly go out of business or not be able to pay our techs a wage they deserve as experts.  Home owners would suffer as well, the bill would have to be quite large to cover the time and materials needed to complete any job.   I would rather go to a Dr. that really knows their stuff than a someone less qualified. This applies to apprentices and journeyman in the plumbing trade. Journeyman have spent 4 years perfecting their craft and our techs continually receive training.

So in order for us to send one of our super techs to you, stay in business and give you the best service and value we charge a minimal call out fee. Our Nice Guy Tech then sit down with you and gives you all your options. No surprises EVER!  The price we give you is the price you pay.

Any traditional plumbing company that offers “free” estimates is really going to tack that charge onto the job by either taking more time to complete or charging more than the job really should be. They will charge to go get parts, take their time doing the job or send an unqualified or new plumber who doesn’t have the experience. The only reason I am 100% sure about that fact is this, if they don’t charge they will go out of business.

Nice Guy Pricing.

Our exclusive system includes the entire job.  From the moment we start till the moment you pay.  Includes all materials, parts,time and clean up in one easy to understand price.  We know our plumbers are really good at what they do, Tap 2 Drain always has your best interests at heart. We are here to help for life not take all your money the first time.


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