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Boiler systems have vastly improved over the last few years.  Long gone are the days of the scary fire pit burning in the basement.  Boilers heat your home a lot differently than a forced air furnace system. Radiant heat is delivered either through baseboard radiators or through pipes in the floor.  There is no blower fan stirring up allergens.


How can Tap 2 Drain Help?

Need your boiler system repaired? Tap 2 Drain’s got you covered, our Nice Guy Tech have extensive experience!  Does your boiler need its regular service?  Give us a call and book today.  Has your old boiler bit the biscuit?  You will be so impressed with your beautiful new system and you’ll die of shock when you see the savings!  There are many considerations that go into building your boiler system, age and size of your home is where we always start.  Your unique system will be exactly what your family and budget need.  We never pressure you into systems you don’t need or want.  Your home, your decision.  You will be able to make an informed decision with our expert nice guy tech guiding the way!

Why do I want a boiler to heat my home?

One of the biggest assets of a boiler or radiant heating system is the ability to control individual zones.  Each room in your home can have its own thermostat to control the heat.  This way everyone in your family is comfortable!  But the number one reason is the type of heat created.  Radiant heat heats the floors in your home and everything that touches them.  No more cold floors, dust stirring up every time the furnace kick in and peace and quiet.  It makes NO SOUND.  Easy yearly maintenance by your Nice Guy Tech and you will have no problems at all.  We prefer IBC boiler because they are made local in Burnaby and their warranty, parts availability and support and A#1. Check them out HERE.

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