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Clogged drain getting you down? Tap 2 Drain has got you covered. Give us a call at 604-476-9104 and our experienced techs will take care of you.

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Clogged drain getting you down? Tap 2 Drain’s got you covered. Give us a call at 604-476-9104 and our experienced techs will take care of you.

Book Us to Clean Your Drain

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Clogs and slow drains are bound to happen. Tap 2 Drain’s Nice Guy Techs are trained and have all the right equipment to get your drains flowing again.

When you maintain your drains, you avoid the risk of not only small or large messy back ups and clogs but also the smell of sewer gasses. When there is a clog in your home’s system, it can prevent those sewer gases being properly vented out.

If you smell sewer gasses or have a slow drain, it is always better to take care of it now before it becomes a problem.

All the way from your upstairs shower to your floor drains in the laundry room, clogs can move around your home. What starts off as a slow draining shower on the top floor can clog your mainline and cause your basement toilet to back up. As clogs build up, it can also move to your main sewer line and clog your entire home. The best plan of action is to call Tap 2 Drain at the first signs of slow drains.

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Getting your ducks in a row with drain cleaning.


  •  Avoid getting large amounts of hair down the drain
  • Only flush toilet paper when using the toilet
  • If you’re on septic, have your system flushed regularly.
  • Never put grease or coffee grounds down your sink.
  • When using a garburator, never put banana peels, coffee grounds, eggshells or potato skins in.  Always run water when using it!
  • Avoid commercial drain cleaners.  They are caustic and can cause real damage.  Instead, use BioOne, an EPA certified alternative available that Tap 2 Drain stands behind. Give us a call if you are interested.

Frequently Asked Questions

The pipes in my kitchen, bathroom or laundry room lines are clogged. Do you unclog them?

Absolutely! Give us a call and let us know the issue and one of our techs will be happy to assist in unclogging the drains.

My washer or dishwasher won’t drain.

At this time we only service plumbing connected to appliances. If you believe there is a clog along the lines, we would love to help.

If you believe there is a problem with the appliance itself, we recommend you call an appliance repair technician who services the brand of appliance you own.

When I flush my toilet, the water backs up into my tub. How do I fix this?

This is usually caused by a mainline clog. We not only clear pipes, but we clear mainlines as well. Give us a call.

I think I might have roots in my mainline, is there a way you can verify this?

We can camera the mainline and inform you of clogs, debris or roots in the line.

I believe there is a clog in the line going to my septic tank. Do you work on septic?

We highly recommend before working on the lines, that you have your septic tank pumped out. We are able to recommend trustworthy companies for this service. If after having your septic pumped, the problem persists, we would love to help you out.

I don’t know where my mainline or septic line is located.

Feel free to give us a call as we provide locating services.

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