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Polybutylene pipe was installed between 1973 – 1999 and is a grey flexible water pipe. And it leaks, all the time. You can tell if you have poly-b by looking at the water lines in your home.  If the plumbing is white you are good, if grey call us!

smart home owner tip

Check with your home owners insurance.  Some companies have been increasing water claim deductibles to $10,000 if you have poly-b in your home.  Most people don’t know about this until they have a claim!  If you have been considering replacing the poly-bPLOY-B in your home but are afraid of the cost, don’t be.  The damage and waste of time dealing with it far out weighs the actual cost.

Why do you want Tap 2 Drain to replace your Poly-b?

 Don’t want to brag BUT Tap 2 Drain has developed an exclusive procedure to replace all the POLY-B in your home without causing a lot of damage.  To top it all off we can also hook you up with a drywaller to patch.  Are you asking yourself, is that it?  Well it isn’t.


We offer the BEST warranty, 25 year materials and 20 year LABOUR.  Our Techs take extra special care of your home so it is really not as painful or expensive as you think.  We protect your home and clean up after ourselves, so you don’t have to.  Tap 2 Drain will never leave you without water.  Even though we must shut off your water to replace the pipes, our exclusive system minimizes the time you spent with no water.  You will never be without water overnight. As scary as water leaks can be you have found us now and we will fix you up. Ask your tech or click HERE to check out our Tap 2 Drain Club to save even more money!

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