Fall Furnace Maintenance: 3 Things To Do Get Your Furnace Ready For Winter

Oct 15, 2021 | Home Tips | 0 comments

Leaves are falling, the days are getting shorter, and your puffy jacket has made its way back into your wardrobe. You’re ready for winter, but is your furnace? With the changing of the seasons, it’s time for fall furnace maintenance.

Having an HVAC professional to inspect your furnace lets you rest easy knowing that you can trust your heating system to see you through to the spring. However, there are a few easy things you can do to help prolong the life of your furnace and save money on heating this season.

Fall furnace maintenance checklist

  1. Replace the furnace filter

Changing your furnace filter regularly is one of the best things you can do to keep your furnace running smoothly. Over time, and with the added stress of wildfire smoke, filters become clogged and put undue strain on your furnace. How often you need to change your furnace filter depends on the type of filter:

  • Spun fiberglass filter: These are the least expensive filters on the market and should be examined monthly during heating and cooling seasons.
  • Pleated disposable filter: Looking for one step up from a spun fiberglass filter? Pleated disposable filters should be replaced every three months and are four-to-eight times more effective than their cheaper counterparts.
  • Washable electrostatic filter: With superior filtration and the ability to wash and reuse one filter comes with a higher initial purchase price, but can save you money in the long run. These filters should be washed monthly.
  • Electronic filter/mass media filter: Both electronic and mass media filters offer incredible filtration and require a professional installation. These filters should also be cleaned monthly.
  1. Perform a visual inspection

While changing your furnace filter, check your furnace for any signs of wear and tear. Is there any black soot near the furnace or condensate tubes full of algae? Is the pilot light burning? Is there visible rust on the furnace or a slow leak in the main air ducts?

Some issues, such as a leaky air duct, are minor and can be fixed with foil tape or duct mast, while others, such as a foul odour or a wavering flame, may require professional attention.

Beyond the furnace room itself, floor vents are natural attractants for pet hair, dust and debris. During your fall furnace maintenance, remove all vent covers and vacuum inside the vent once per year to keep clean air circulating throughout your home. Ensure cold air return vents are open and free of dust. Intake and exhaust pipes outside should be free of leaves and other debris.

  1. Check your carbon monoxide detector

While not part of the heating and cooling system of your home, your fall furnace maintenance is a great time to ensure your carbon monoxide detector is working. Often located near the furnace, this detector should be checked at least once per year. If your carbon monoxide detector is battery-operated, consider changing the batteries.

Pro Tip: Call Tap 2 Drain

The best way to ensure your furnace is ready for the winter is to call a contractor. At Tap 2 Drain, our professional, certified technicians will inspect your furnace to identify any necessary repairs to keep you and your family safe and comfortable this winter.

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