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Hot Water Tank Replacement or Repair Mission, Langley, Abbotsford, Chilliwack and Maple Ridge

When it is time to repair or replace your electric or gas hot water tank,Tap 2 Drain are your experts!  The options for repair and replacement can be confusing, our Nice Guy Techs are continuously trained on all the new options.  You can be confident that Tap 2 Drain will get the best electric or gas hot water heater for your budget and needs.

Help I have no hot water!

Do you have questions about your hot water tank, call us? If you have no hot water, call T2D!  When you want to maintain your hot water heater, give our cheery office a call!  We are here to make you smile 24/7 365hot water

To Repair or Replace Your Hot Water Tank, That Is The Question.

It is always your decision!  Your Nice Guy Tech is there to help you make a choice by giving you ALL your options.  Having a T2D expert there to help make sure you get what you need and want relieves all the stress of having NO HOT WATER!  Before you know it your hot water tank will be expertly installed and you’ll be having a beautiful hot shower in no time.

What do you need in a Hot Water Tank?

In the good ole’ days houses came with a hot water tank and no one ever really thought about it. Hot water tanks lasted like 20 years.  Oh boy have times changed.  New hot water tanks are far more efficient but never last quite as long and the options are mind boggling. But there are other signs your water heater may need servicing. If your water looks rusty or has an odor, you hear rumbling, popping or whining noises, or if you see water leaking around the base of the water heater, it’s time to call for help. Luckily you have a Nice Guy Tech to guide you through all the amazing options for repair or replacement

Things to think about:

  • Do you need gas or electric?
  • What size do you need?  Your 40 us gal tank might be OK for now but what about in 5 years, is it worth considering an upgrade now?
  • How old is your current tank?  Is it worth repairing or would it be beneficial to consider a new tank?
  • Does your insurance have an age limited?  Somelectric hot water tanke insurance companies will not insure for water damage if a tank is older than 8 years, check your home insurance.

Just so you know – Electric

Electrical hot water tanks use electricity to heat one or two elements that heats the water inside the tank.  This type of tank does not require any type of venting but does require a dedicated power source.  Never turn the power on to the tank before the tank is full, it will cause the element(s) to burn out. Running a faucet on cold for three minutes before flipping the breaker back on will save the top element from burning out. Electric tanks are less efficient than their gas counterparts, however if you already have an electric tank everything you need is already there. If you want gas instead, adding a line and venting to accommodate a gas tank could outweigh any long term efficiency savings.  If you have an electrical hot water tank but gas is really what you want, consider  TANK-LESS WATER HEATER OPTIONS.

Just so you know – Gas

gas hot water tankGas Hot Water Tanks run on Natural gas which is burnt by a flame to heat up exsisting water inside the tank that is then delivered to faucets in your home. This type of hot water tank needs to be vented properly to avoid exhaust fumes in your home.  Energy efficiency has improved in recent years, A new, mid-sized natural gas water heater (189 litres/50 gallons) has an EF of .61.  Some hot water tanks are included in the Fortis home rebate program, if we can make one work for you we will.  We also recommend a carbon monoxide detector near any gas appliances.  Another option, if you already has gas, is an ON-DEMAND WATER HEATER click the link to find out more.

Does your head hurt yet?

It gets better don’t worry.  Tap 2 Drain techs are highly trained to determine what is the best option for your family and water needs.  A retired couple in a condo doesn’t  need an 80us gal tank,  but a family of four teenagers could benefit from an ON-DEMAND/TANK-LESS WATER HEATER.   Before we replace or repair a tank we also make sure you’re getting the best investment for your family.   

Doing it properly

When Tap 2 Drain replace a tank we don’t just slap a new one in. We do it correctly- to code! Potable expansion tanks, new vacuum breakers, earth quake straps and shut offs, if needed, and we ALWAYS pull a permit.  When something in your home has the potential to spew 60 gallons of water all over you want to know it has been installed correctly by a journeyman technician to code.  We’ve got you covered, all you have to do is call us and let us effortlessly guide you.

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